The clouds turned grey just as we'd hopped in the car after our wander in the woods with Mr Whiskey. Gentle drizzle nourished every plant in the village after weeks of sun and heat and tapped an ever so friendly melody on the car windows as we made our way to lunch. Just as the drizzle turned to rain, and the wind picked up evakosmasflores and I popped in for lunch and tea at my favorite wonky pub in the neighborhood thecompasses The dark and moody interior made us yearn for hearty food, and we both decided on pork belly on a bed of mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach with black pudding. Hearty, very English, and perfect for a day when it rains. It's such a treat that even if we live worlds apart and only know each other through social media, meeting someone off the grid is like meeting and old friend for the first time. I sent her off on the train with a warm embrace as she headed for road trip adventures in Scotland. I may have a love/hate relationship with social media, but it sure has a wonderful way of connecting likeminded souls... myenglishcountryside inn

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  • Utterly lovely
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  • 😍 marte_marie_forsberg Cool Stuff.
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  • Lovely tea time
  • LOVE your feed ...
  • Calm👌
  • My Goodness!
  • Top ! 👌🏽
  • So beautiful 🙏🏻🏳🕊✨
  • Lovely capture 😍
  • I completely agree I was transported once again across the pond riding in the back seat as I imagined the rain coming down running in for lunch! Such a beautifully gifted writer!
  • This photo is beautiful and your meal sounds delicious and cozy!
  • You live in the most beautiful place
  • Marte, you are such a wonderful story teller
  • Nydelig og stemningsfullt bilde 💙💙💙
  • Beautiful ♡
  • Love this..❤
  • Beautiful light. ✨
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  • All this gorgeous textures & colors 💕
  • Nice mood! 👌🏻✨
  • Yes! It's a strange world we live on, but somehow we get to go around the awkwardness of social life and return to the origins.
  • How exciting to meet up with an IG friend you've known for years ! And perhaps a bit scary too ? Lovely image, as always ! 🙌🏻
  • Love how each of your pic and caption takes me to a slower world
  • Thank you again for the warm welcome and taking me around your beautiful town and for an insanely delicious lunch! I had SO much fun hanging out with you and can't wait until our paths cross again ❤️ Give Mr Whiskey a pet for me! 🐕👋🏼🐕
  • It seems appropriate now to comment on the story written about you in a Norwegian magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and thank you for the recipe for clotted cream. No cream tea is the same without.... ❤️ marte_marie_forsberg
  • Cups out, it's tea time☕️ so nice to meet you through social media, I enjoy your pics and writings!👍🏻
  • Beautiful!
  • Beautiful
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  • It is a great way to connect, despite all its faults. This sounds like a great pub.
  • her_dark_materials Isnt it just! It's such a great way of connecting. We must meet up soon. July is a good month. Let's plot! 😘
  • Its lovely to make friends on social media, but so so much better to share a real, solid meal and a hug with them. Now, talking of that. When are we coming down to see you an theomaxfield !!!! 😘😘😘😘