The rain came this afternoon and drizzled sought after drops on every plant in the garden. It was needed. I watched through the attic bedroom window, and opened it to let the accompanying cool breeze in. It swept through the cottage and left a mild perfume of summer and wet grass. These fleeting summer days have been savored, and I've walked slowly through the nearby rolling green hills, made simple fresh vegetable dishes with the loveliest organic produce (thank you dearest ameliafreer ) I took a wee break from renovations and social media, and headed to the lovely widbrook.grange just a mere stone throw away for a mid week getaway, and soaked up this beautiful place just outside of Bradford on Avon. Back at the cottage at night I've listened to the trains passing our little village in the distance, and felt grateful I didn't have an urge to be anywhere else but here and now. During the days I've walked slowly, written pages with plans for the cottage, my next cookbook, and what I'd like my next workshops and retreats to focus on. These quiet brainstorming days have been the very perfect escape from the everyday busyness of life. Do you find time for yourself and your thoughts in the busyness of your life? Are you able to disconnect even for just half an hour? How do you carve out time for yourself? I'd love to hear! mindfuldays slowness

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  • veronicawilken01 It is indeed so very important, yet so challenging to incorporate into our daily lives. Hikes sounds wonderful, just being outside walking alone is therapeutic to me:)
  • marte_marie_forsberg yes I agree. Forced relaxation doesn't work 😘
  • thedanishblonde I must admit mindful sessions with a teacher or even yoga can sometimes be even more stressful. I like being alone, and just listen to my thoughts and surroundings.
  • marte_marie_forsberg Thank you! ❤️
  • terikiefer That sounds like lovely mindful sessions at the beginning and the end of each day. I love unwinding in the evening to, to gather my thoughts and flow down.
  • travellingoven I love the feeling of a quiet house in the morning too! It's so peaceful isn't it. Enjoy your time in Dubrovnik and your summer house. One day I'll have to visit your beautiful country:)
  • Nice
  • Elsker de flotte bildene dine! 👏🏻😊
  • Recently I started waking up very early in the mornings and having that time just for myself and positive thoughts. There is something calming in those first hours of the day when the world is slowly waking up, birds start singing with first rays of sunlight and I feel at peace with everything. I'm soon going to Dubrovnik, my hometown by the sea, for the summer and I'm planning to go very early to the beach and find that peace in the sounds of waves, can't wait.. 💙
  • I make time in the morning having my coffee and think about the day ahead, and a cup of tea in the evening to slow down and reflect on the day or just to be still !
  • I got major stressed out during a mindfulness session at work yesterday. I guess I feel best if I'm doing something, even if it's just going for a long walk or cooking something nice ❤️
  • Lovely... your words are a reminder of how important it is to disconnect.😌 I enjoy hikes.
  • ❤️
  • I garden and listen to music🌼🌸🌺🎧🎹🎼
  • Tar meg en liten fjelltur 😉🚶‍♀️topplokket klar for ny giv😃👌
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  • I hide my phone and anchor myself in the present...
  • Another cookbook, marte_marie_forsberg ? 😍 Håper du har det bra, høres jo sånn ut da 😉😘
  • I go for a walk in the forest nearby, taking my dog with me. Also my cell phone, but switched off in "plane mode". Sometimes I sit down on a bench, and just let my thoughts take me wherever they want that day. Suffer from PTS syndrome, and HAVE to take these breaks seriously. Half an hour is usually enough to get my batteries recharged, but I never let time rule over these precious moments. I believe this is something we all need every now and then, to switch totally OFF. Thank you, again, for inspiration and lovely photos 😍🌿
  • Going to bed even just a little earlier so I have a half an hour to sit on my back porch in the mornings is the best way to start the day. Easier in the summer when the sun is up early, not so easy once it's dark at wake up time!
  • Ah, you've inspired me!!! Thank you so much. As far as answering the question, for me it's hard to carve out personal time, but after an extended illness last year I realized that it is vital to refresh my spirit, rest and find inspiration. This post gave me tons of ideas ❤️
  • What a lovely spot! Xx
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  • Lovely