A few months ago the wonderfully talented and ever so lovely lizbanfield came to do a two day private workshop with me here in the English countryside. (See her wedding work here lizbanfieldwed ) We went on wee road trips, picnic in a field of sheep, visited some of my favorite eateries in the neighborhood, dined in old local pubs and set up photo shoots during the day. I had such a wonderful time shooting, getting to know and brainstorming with her. Every month I usually host one or two of these private workshops tailored to the clients needs within building a brand, marketing, photography, styling, cooking and figuring out the next move if you're feeling stuck in your work as a photographer. Every single one is unique and I love these private one on one workshops. This summer I've taken some needed time off to focus on learning and growing as an artist myself. This is all but a journey and the notion that one is simply never done, know it all or a true expert, fuels me with such inspiration and motivates me to continuously yearn to grow and push my work forward. For those of you wanting to book a one, two or three day private workshop this year, I'll be opening up for one in September, October and November, and as always for those of you wanting the Christmas special including markets and festivities in the area during the holiday season, please do email me at workshop for more information and to be put on the list. workshop

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  • Maravilha!
  • Bellissima foto!!
  • Insert me into that shot. Thank you.
  • Your blog and Instagram feed is exceptional. Keep up the good work 👌
  • Seemed like the best of times! You really look like an inspirational woman 😊
  • Awesome
  • 🍈
  • ✨🙏🏻✨
  • Just finished watching your class on Skillshare, you have inspired me
  • Love it
  • Ooooooo😍
  • Coool! ;)
  • Du inspirerer og er utrolig dyktig !
  • melgaarden He,he, yup 😘
  • fjordfiskerenhjem Å så spennende! Det kommer til å bli en flott opplevelse! Håper å se bilder her på insta:)
  • lauraelizabethpatrick Please do! It would be a pleasure throwing a workshop for you. Do let me know if you have any questions:)
  • chatelainechocolat Oh my, that would be so much fun! I'd love to have you 😘
  • lizbanfield I miss our conversations, it was such lovely days. Thank you:) xx
  • Such beautiful light. Love the contrast 💙
  • Oh my goodness I would love to do this!😊
  • Oh this sounds wonderful...might just send you an email :)
  • Høres kjempe spennende ut 🤗☘👌har meldt på hos hverdagslykkelise helge_eek sin workshop litt nærmere her jeg bor 🤣😂gleder meg masse👍
  • Noe kjent med det vinduet☺️😘
  • La foto della foto!
  • Bellissima!!!!
  • Great
  • How beautiful 💕
  • Yay lizbanfield it was nice to see you when you visited too!
  • Hello. Like finding fellow foodies 💥.
  • 👍👍👍
  • That pose, you can recon a professional photographer from how the elbow is closed to the body for securing stability. Cameras are heavy!
  • Oooh I LOVE this photo❤Absolutely stunning, like a painting❤❤❤
  • gaylebrooker kateheadley ☝🏻 those openings won't last long... !
  • lizbanfield yes, I am!:) And She seems to work magic✨✨ marte_marie_forsberg
  • Oh. How lovely. I would book up every date if I could! Xxx
  • annatribeca if you are considering the one on one, it's amazing!
  • marte_marie_forsberg All that sounds completely glorious!! And What a compliment you got lizbanfield ❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • I think of you every day! Thank you for this remarkable experience.
  • terikiefer 😘🙏🏻
  • Well said ! You are such an inspiration
  • Stunning 🖤