Day 9. “Altruism is born of suffering” – Dalai Lama writes about it, and psychologists has made research on this as well. People who have suffered, feels more connected to others and are therefore more likely to help. I don’t think anyone goes through life without getting burned, everybody goes through suffering in one way or another. Because there are so many people out there with similar pain, I believe that if we turn the obstacles we have been through, and the pain from the past into a heroic quest to help others, then you could in a unique way be able to connect with others and provide exactly the help they need to get through their obstacles. For instance, If I had not been through my own suffering, I don’t think I would have felt so strongly about volunteering at this point in my life, also I feel uniquely equipped to understand their pain and provide my help, because I found my way out and know how to get through it. Even though my way might not apply to many people, it means the world to me if I manage to help just 1 person – I can’t describe the happiness I feel when that happens. I have an example from a talk that I felt very inspired by: “You walk into a street and fall into a hole, and two people offers to help. One of them was a renowned scientist, who had written a paper on the dynamics of holes, and the other was just an average person, who had fallen into the same hole himself, and was offering to climb back down, grab your hand and lead you out the same way that he found. Whose help would you want?” What are you good at, and how can you use it to help others? There is many ways to be a hero, what is yours? Make this Thursday awesome 🙂 psychology heroes heroism hip heroicimaginationproject dalailama empathy altruism suffering green leaves nature

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Paloma Alves
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