The sun heated our attic bedroom before we even intended to emerge from the comfort of our duvet. Sunrise is after all just after 5am, which makes this season feel gloriously bright with endless days and short cool nights, but way to early for a night owl like me to greet the day. Last night we tumbled to bed after having made an evening of catching up with the loveliest friends over drinks as the very talented design couple behind denmangould opened their 'Other place' exhibition in the ever charming town of Frome. On our doorstep upon returning to the cottage lay a package with little parcels. It felt like Christmas had come early as I eagerly and with very little restraint or elegance tore the beautiful blue wrapping like an overeager child. Beautiful linen dresses emerged, and I cannot wait to sport them around town as temperatures here in the English countryside is said to reach just on the shy side of 30 this weekend. Thank you linenfox for you sweet little presents! onecanneverhaveenoughsummerdresses myenglishcountryside

22    2831    7/14/2017
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  • Oh, sorry, we're so happy to deliver to English country side. Beautiful photo 🌿
  • Looking forward to seeing pics, I agree perfect picture just beautiful
  • A perfect picture, as always....
  • Beautiful
  • I love your descriptions and photos. Simply perfect. Congratulations.
  • 😍👍👍👍
  • annabarnettcooks A treat just in time hit the weekend = perfect indeed;) Have a lovely weekend Anna:) x
  • jo_rodgers They are indeed! Wishing you a lovely weekend too Jo xx
  • Sounds fab, what a treat x
  • Oh, such beautiful wrapping! Enjoy the dresses.
  • 😍💝
  • Sunny weekend and a lovely linen vie est belle!
  • marte_marie_forsberg amazing atmosphere... 😍🙌🏻perfect
  • Happily you restrained yourself from tearing into those beautiful parcels long enough to get this beautiful photograph to post on instagram. Amazing how this concept has changed us so dramatically and quickly trained us to document our lives in images. A visual diary
  • Their dresses are so lovely! Happy weekend M xx
  • Wow how lovely marte_marie_forsberg thanks so much for coming to our show. Wished I could have chatted more xxx
  • Love this!
  • 🙌🏻🙌🏻💕💕🌸🌸marvelous
  • Wow
  • virginiasweetandsour Thank you, you too 😘
  • Have a nice weekend!!! Lovely shoot