[·_·[] forgot to show the two books I bought when I happened upon a new bookstore in my area. They sell new books but sometimes they seem more like book outlet's scratch and dent ones, but that's ok cuz they were cheap. Artemis isn't really impressed at my great deal. . . vscoreads vscobooks bibliophile bookporn bookhaul catsandbooks corsair karenmemory

6    74    10/21/2017
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  • empress8411 truth 🤣
  • But then, are cats ever impressed by anything?
  • theguywiththebook 🤣🤣🤣 that approach never seems to work for me
  • milliebot_reads haha, I’m waiting for the publisher to magically know I’d like a copy 😂
  • theguywiththebook I did! It's a great name 🤣 I'm excited for that one, I have an e-arc to read.
  • Did you know Andy Weirs New Book is named Artemis? 😉