Ray Arzaga // アルザーガ•レイ


「 エ 」• Every new cycle the self returns with a choice. Choose wrong and be humbled until the next cycle and try again. Choose correctly and move on to the next level, stepping towards a newer challenge. Rinse. Repeat. Grow. Time is finite in this temporary agglomeration of atoms. Discard your ego if you want to reach your maximum potential. . . 🕴Model: 4eva.noodle // 📸 Photo: rayarzaga • . extendthecanvas visualvortex thecreatorclass picoftheday igersmontreal italia dottore portrait photography potd bestjapanpics photo_jpn madeinmontreal lowkey bw createcommune createexplore tbt

12    0    4/16/2018
Ray Arzaga // アルザーガ•レイ
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  • Very nice. Model almost looks like saltbae
  • Just wow!
  • Ahhh i love it💞✨
  • chiy010004 You're next!
  • pic.that.now Thank you kindly!
  • What a great shot! Really really cool. Like the angle the way the hands are reflected too.
  • jax529 ありがとう!
  • Ooooooo I really like this one!!!!
  • mizzkay__ Thanks! All 4eva.noodle
  • 😂 💛 oh, Aymen!
  • brittneycanda ❤️
  • Very strong portrait of Aymen and I can picture this on a great big frame at his home and him being a big time actor /artist. Great shot Ray!
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