Jenni Kistler
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  • He's sooooo cute
  • Kisses 😘
  • I can't believe all them real baby parts are growing so big. OMG he's incredible
  • So sweet! I’m sorry to hear I didn’t realize JK was still in hospital. 😘
  • codynewyork - oh, yeah! He was 12 weeks early, that's an entire third trimester worth of brain and other body systems development to work on! He is making great progress, but still has lots to do. ❤️
  • I love when babies sleep like that. So precious.
  • jthissell21 He was kinda mad at me and squirming round right before he settled into this pose. We had just been snuggling and I had to put him down to pump. My least favorite parts of the day!
  • 😍😍😍 It is so fun to be a part of watching your beautiful develop.
  • 🙌🏼 WOOHOO!! 🙌🏼
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