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It’s days like yesterday for me that define marriage. Everyone sees the beauty, the happy and the wonderful. No one sees behind the scenes when you are there holding me because I have a migraine at 4am and I can’t see out of my right eye. Or when I am so sick I can’t walk. They don’t see that side of you. The side that holds ice on my head because of a concussion. Or when you just rub my back because the pain in my head is so severe I just cry. That’s my husband. My best friend. The reason I love you. You are there for me when I’m down and at my lowest. You pick me up and tell me I will be ok and you bring me back to life. Time and time again you love me just for who I am. I’m just a little broken, kinda silly, definitely imperfect, sorta misguided, with a heart of gold, very much in love with you, simple girl from Baltimore. Call it what you will chrismix_us But I’m yours.... marriage goodbadugly life love

   10    6/19/2018
AimeBeth 💕
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