Deep breath in, long breath out. . Close your eyes. . Inhale clean, fresh, pure air. Let it run through you. Feel it travel from your throat to your toes. . Exhale the negativity, the worry, that lump you're carrying in your belly. Watch it leave your body. . A moment of peace, apart from the world, for you and you alone. . Thank you mackenziemorrissett for sharing your beautiful practice in your new favorite American Yogi tank this morning. You are an amazing presence, and your smiling face and positivity light up the studio each and every day. . Namaste. . . . yogaeverydamndaily yogaeverydamnday yoga yogisofinstagram girlsofyoga womensapparel love peace reflection strength beauty vinyasa lifestyle yogajourney fitness acroyoga meditation menofyoga inspiration yogalove yogalife yogajourney yogagram yogachallenge instadaily balance buylocal madeintheusa flow warrior instagood

7    0    11/19/2017
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  • Stoked!
  • Beautiful!
  • I love box breathing to slow everything down and focus.
  • tridentcoffee Amazing what the breath can do.
  • rockisimone Thank you for checking us out!
  • liveamericanyogi It's amazing and we have control over it. Getting a little stoic on everyone, but key to find control in chaos.
  • tridentcoffee Brother I couldn't agree more.
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