ETHIOPIAN MAID SUSPECTED OF KILLING EMPLOYER.. Beruit: An Ethiopian domestic worker allegedly killed one of her employers and injured another in the Metn town of Rabieh Saturday, a security source said. The victims were identified as Suha Kamel Hitti, born in 1960, and Charles William Sked, born in 1952. Hitti died of her wounds while Sked is currently being treated at the Abu Jaude hospital, The suspect was arrested by Rabieh municipal police and an investigation is being conducted into the circumstances of the assault. lebanon

1    0    11/18/2017
Ayman Mat 🇰🇼
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  • This type of news is heart breaking!! Why this poor woman take this jobs knowing how evil this people are! I am glad she is dead!! How hard is to treat people with respect and care!!
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