We are all packed up and ready to go! Get ready for me to fill your feed with all things Israel! πŸ“ΈπŸ•ŽπŸŒŽπŸ• I've always dreamed of going and am so thankful we get to join The Greers, Williams, Hayes, Carter, Chastine and Allen crew for this incredible adventure! ShalomYall Israel2017 HouseOfBarnes ChangeMyNameToChana

10    48    2/11/2017
Chas Barnes
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  • You will never be the same!
  • You will be in my prayers
  • Hope you have a great trip!
  • Woohoo!!! Let's do this!!!
  • Have fun Chas!!!!
  • So excited for you!! Will be praying for you 😍
  • So excited! ☺️
  • donnajobaby and sabrinastanford Eeeek!! 😁😁
  • Oh my gosh!! You are gonna love it!!! I went when I was in high school. This picture makes me miss your face, too!!!
  • I'm so excited for you!!!! Can't wait to see all your pics!! ❀ you!!!!