I asked Paul what it's like to be able to create something out of nothing? He took wasted space- imagined, planned and he just did THIS. I mean he put in pipes and tile and extra storage and a bluetooth speaker in THE SHOWER! I can blast the Hamilton soundtrack whilst shampooing! I admire his brain that can calculate all the things that one calculates when adding a bathroom, but I adore his heart that got so excited to show me all the thoughtful touches he added for me. (A tile lined drawer with an outlet for my hair tools, so that I don't have to have them on the counter top. Brilliant, right!??) I love it and him and not having to go to the hall bath in the middle of the night to pee. Okay, that last part I could have skipped- but SERIOUSLY! The struggle 🤗🙌💑❤ HouseOfBarnes DIYbathroom PoppyBathroom

9    58    4/1/2017
Chas Barnes
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  • So pretty.
  • So cute!!
  • Finally got it done it looks good
  • Thanks erwilcox15! It's been a long time coming :)
  • OMG!! It turned out amazing!! With Paul's handyman skills and your design, I knew it would!!
  • Thanks guys! And, jpat47 we love you too! I haven't seen you since my graduation party - that should change!
  • Omg it looks amazing!!! Paul is quite the handy man!
  • That is beautiful Chas. I hope you know that I love you and Paul. You for your looks and heart and Paul for his brain and servants heart.
  • Absolutely beautiful ❤