Getting ready for a mid-morning coffee date with a couple of friends to plan our big adventure to wildgoosefestival17 and then onto a relaxing dinner and movie night with some other folks in which we have prioritized some time. I just don't waste time on things where I am not 100% committed anymore. No more "out of obligation, I guess" or "I really don't want to, but I would feel bad saying no" situations. If I am with you- it means I want to be. My time and yours is too valuable to fill it with things that don't matter. Coffee dates and dinners with friends matter today. Sometimes my rest and need to just recover from all the energy output of the week matter. I am being very intentional about my time and my word and making space for relationships that bring me life... even when that relationship is with me- without apology. So, Imma put on a real pot of coffee... (not a k-cup situation here) And enjoy these incredible people and carbs on this beautiful Saturday. πŸ˜πŸžβ˜• SacredSpaces HouseOfBarnes ThisOneLife

2    21    6/17/2017
Chas Barnes
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  • I love this, right down to the decor.