Please can anyone following any of these kind of groups that repost people's really good photos with no credit just delete them! Had enough of seeing pictures on them and missing the original posters post with the photo! It's a joke! chief chieftherottweiler bigdogdiaries rottweiler righthandman dog dogsofinstagram rottweilersofinstagram rottie dog puppy love instadog rottweilers rott dogstagram rottweilerclub dontbullymybreed cute rottweilerfans dogoftheday rottweilerlove pets ilovemydog rotties rottiesofinstagram rottweilerpuppy doglover puppylove rottielove rotty

3    22    10/20/2017
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  • rottie_girl same none of them reply either to comments or mails they're just spam accounts to get followers and advertise to make money! Makes me want to learn how to hack shut these fools down! 😡
  • So so annoying drives me nuts !!! 😤😤😤