🎉🌟🐴 AMAZING REVIEW 🐴🌟🎉 "Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Epiony heat pad. I have 2 exracers, 1 retired from riding due to neck and hock arthritis, KS and SI issues. I have been using the pad on his neck and he's gone from being unable to touch it to groom to relaxed with the pad on and head dropping! I also use on his SI area and believe me if it wasn't helping I wouldn't be able to put it on him. Also using on my other lad who loves it before we ride and each evening. They love the massage mitt too, the one with neck issues loves the thumb ball! Great product"-Lorraine Allison Available ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ✔️www.epiony.com✔️ Nayl Equestrian or Urban Horse epiony equines people muscles britishdressage britisheventing britishshowjumping thoroughbred warmblood exracehorses relax heat heatpad massage physiotherapy christmaspresent xmasgifts

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